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Secret Pal Sites is a wholly owned subsidiary of RedLime Web Development.

Founder Cherie Funderburg (of RedLime Web) was looking for websites that offered Secret Pal friendly shopping and was frustrated to find that there were few listed anywhere. Several hours of fruitless searching on Google led to the concept of a main website that would list all the secret pal friendly vendors around. The purchaser would have more time to actually shop for their secret pal and that secret pal would certainly benefit!

And so, Secret Pal Sites was born. A central station where all vendors that cater to the secret pal, secret sister, and secret brother programs can be found. No more searching endless hours only to end up empty-handed!

Secret Pal Sites lists secret pal friendly vendors several ways. There are the freebie listings where a vendor can place their business name and website link. In addition, we offer several forms of advertising for greater exposure.

ALL sites listed in the Secret Pal Sites database are certified to be Secret Pal Friendly. Vendors meet certain requirements to be eligible for listing and checks are run monthly to verify compliance with these requirements. The shopper is guaranteed that every site listed here will not only be Secret Pal Friendly, the vendors will also be knowledgeable about the secret pal program(s) and will be happy to provide assistance as needed to make the shopping trip a successful one.

Vendors - interested in listing your site? Please choose from the links at the top of the page... Advertising with SPS and Add your free site listing for further information.

Shoppers - have a question, concern, or comment? Please contact us using the form below. Your information will be kept private and will only be used to assist you as required. Someone will be in touch as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your interest in Secret Pal Sites!


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