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Add your free site listing

There is no charge to be listed in the Secret Pal Sites Directory - not a dime! Of course, we do offer advertising to help make your company stand out from the crowd. But if you are looking at just getting your site listed for free, you've come to the right place.

Before you submit your site, please read through our Terms and Conditions to verify that your site qualifies for listing in the SPS Directory. There are just a few simple guidelines to be met before your site will be listed - these are easy to understand and are very logical. ALL sites will be verified prior to being listed.

Listing Guidelines and Rules

1. Your site MUST be secret pal friendly.
You MUST offer a way for customers to place an order that will be sent anonymously. If you cannot do this, your site will absolutely not be included in the directory. No exceptions whatsoever.

2. Your site must be clearly marked as being secret pal friendly.
There must be a notice somewhere on the main page of your site stating that you are secret pal friendly. You can choose to use one of our buttons (located immediately following this paragraph) or you can use a simple text link. This notice must be easily seen and should either link to a separate page detailing how your company is secret pal friendly or it must contain this information at the same place your notice is located.

secret pal friendly website!  secret pal friendly website!
feel free to put these on your server or pull them from here

3. Your notice must make sense and detail how you are secret pal friendly.
This notice should state how a customer can verify that their order will be sent anonymously. Do you require customers to note in the cart comment section that the order is for their secret pal? This must be clearly stated. Placing an order for a secret pal or secret sister must be easy - if you require customers to jump through hoops to place a secret pal order, your site will not be listed.

4. Your site will be removed from the directory if the 2 points above are removed from your site. Any advertising you have paid for will be immediately cancelled and you will not be entitled to a refund.

5. Absolutely NO adult content related websites allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic sites, gambling sites, dating sites, escort sites, or sites containing objectionable material. SPS reserves the right to determine what constitutes objectionable content.

6. If you have more than one business you are welcome to list both and purchase advertising for both. We won't penalize you for your success!

7. Stats are not provided at this time. Please check with your host to inquire about their statistics tracking. It should be very easy to determine the number of visits you receive from this site.

8. You may list your site in up to 2 categories. Additionally, your site will be listed in the appropriate alphabetical category.

Please fill out the form below in its entirety to begin the listing process. Upon receipt, we will verify that your site is indeed secret pal friendly, will add it to the directory, and will notify you that your site has been added. Should your submission be rejected for any reason, we will notify you. You may add a banner to your listing should you desire - more information on that can be found on our advertising information page.


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Where is your secret pal notice located?

Which two categories do you want to be listed under?
does not include alphabetical - that is automatically assigned

What would you like your listing to say? (100 word limit, please)
if nothing is given, a paragraph from your site will be used

Are you offering anything special to SPS vistors? *

I agree to terms and conditions as outlined above.

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* Specials such as free shipping, free gift wrapping of secret pal orders, or other such extras that might help a visitor to choose your site over another.