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Soapies Supplies
added April 24, 2006
Soapies Supplies

Soapies Supplies is the site for all your soaping needs! We offer terrific prices, fast and efficient shipping, quality products, and most importantly, something that seems to be lacking in so many companies today...customer service. We've been in business 4 years and have many satisfied customers. Here at Soapies Supplies we believe ALL our customers are VIPs and your satisfaction is our goal!

South Texas Naturals
added September 12, 2006

Here at South Texas Naturals we are confident that, once you try our natural handmade soaps, the wonderful changes in your skin will never let you go back to store-bought, chemical-filled products again. Each batch of our soap is handmade from scratch using time-honored traditions and techniques to make our soaps completely from scratch. We make these soaps the old fashioned way using the cold process method. Each batch is handcrafted and then set to cure.

Offering: 15% off all orders! Use code:secretshop in the coupon/voucher code when checking out!

Gaia's Magick Garden
added August 25, 2009

Handmade soap and other toiletries, made of only the finest handpicked ingredients. Soap making supplies are also available.

Offering: 10% Discount if new customer